Luxury Range Shoot and Sneek Peek

Luxury Range Shoot and Sneek Peek

This particular day we have been working towards for months, its been so much fun getting to the photo shoot and on that day we had so many mixed emotions the both of us. I was crying, Jade was giggling, and vice versa. 

It felt like a little sigh of relief to have it all underway models doing their thing, photographer and Wayne taking the shots and directing the models, we kind of felt like we didn't have much to do until clothing change and butty times, we were the wardrobe and tea ladies in the end! And I for one really enjoyed that moment where I was looking at everyone at work thinking wow, we've done this, we've got us to this point, these are our own clothes our own ideas, our hard work. It felt really surreal to think just 2 mums from little old Leigh are doing this.

Massive appreciation to the models many of which were just doing us a favour and some of which had agreed whilst under the influence, good old sales pitch and a few beers later they were ours for the taking! 

Thank you to Baz who brought all his camera equipment and gave Wayne a 30 seconds training session in how to use his expensive camera and take decent pictures, turns out Wayne has a good eye for this sort of stuff and Jed&Olson may employ him in the future, if he doesn't get bossy that is.

The luxury clothing is all organic and whilst cotton fields in Bangladesh was the perfect shoot location, given the clothing is made there, from 100% organic cotton, COVID-19 prevented that, not the cash flow, honest, so we chose the next best thing which was Lancashire Mining Museum in Astley, which is local to us and true to our working class roots. It was the perfect location and really set the scene for the photos, it provided the raw material that we were looking for. "Think Wild Elephant Meets Urban Jungle"